Billy Pip is a young, shy boy who longs for adventure but after losing his father at sea, his mother has taught him to fear the world.

Billy spends most of his time in a beached rowboat locked to a big anchor. Here he reads about the world through his adventure stories. He makes a wish that the world would be a safer place so he could have a real adventure.

While reading one of his adventure stories Billy falls asleep in his rowboat and his magical trip begins. He awakens in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in his sinking rowboat, surrounded by hungry sharks. When all is looking desperate, Billy is rescued by a crazy captain named Captain “Big Red” Curtis. The captain is a massive, Scottish Texan, who wears a white captain’s hat and jacket full of ribbons and medals. He also wears a kilt and cowboy boots.

The captain is hunting a sea serpent name Sissy and makes a deal with a reluctant Billy that if he will be his First Mate and help him catch this sea serpent he will take him home when the adventure is finished.

Throughout the trip’s wonders and tribulations, all Billy wants to do is return safely home. However, by journey’s end, Billy finds Hope, Love, and Faith in his heart and he will no longer fear the world.

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