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Letters of Recommendation


I have posted the following three ‘Letters of Recommendation’ to augment my resume and for your consideration. If you would like to speak to the authors personally please call me for their contact info.

Thank you,



September 11th, 2012

To whom it may concern,

I have had the true pleasure of working and knowing Woody Woodman for two productions and over 10 years.  I’ve worked closely with Woody on two major projects – first, as a new story artist on the Disney film Brother Bear which I Produced, and most recently at Digital Domain’s Tradition Studio on The Legend of Tembo, of which I am the Co-Director and Producer.

Of all the story artists on many different projects I’ve seen, Woody is one of my favorites.  He’s methodical, dogged, unassumingly funny and, above all, one of the hardest-working artists I’ve ever known.  Woody has a Bill Peet style to his boards and particularly excellent at staging.  He works fast, starting with thumbnails full of ideas, then presents, discusses, has strong opinions, takes notes well, then builds the boards up in a smart, systematic way.  I can always find Woody at his desk, slogging away, always working on the scenes, and always meeting his deadlines.

As a team member, Woody likewise works well.  He cares and constantly thinks about the story, offers up alternative plot and character ideas, and is confident and committed enough to keep going even if things don’t always go his way.  Woody’s had a lot of varied experience in the industry.  He’s humble, but has seen many shows at different levels and comes to the job with professionalism and without a sense of entitlement.

Woody’s one of my first calls on any show I do in the future.  I hate to see him go.  Take any idiosyncrasies with a gain a salt – he’s a character, but absolutely worth it.  I love the guy and any studio he lands at will be truly lucky to have him.

Yours sincerely,

Chuck Williams,
Director/Producer – “The Legend of Tembo”
Digital Domain Tradition Studios


July 21, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my great pleasure to write a recommendation letter for Woody Woodman.

I have known woody for more than six years. During that period he worked as a story board artist in various major projects such as ‘World Culture Expo 2005 at Angkor Wat (Cambodia)’, ‘World Culture Expo 2005 at Gyeong Ju (Korea)’, and a 3D feature animation (future release).

Woody and I have always worked through phone and internet. It is truly amazing that we were able to successfully co-work together without seeing each other. It was possible because he is not only an exceptionally talented artist, but also a very responsible person. He always met the schedule without sacrificing the quality.

I always enjoyed working with Woody, and I strongly recommend him as a head of the story board artist. If you have any further question about my working experience with Woody, please feel free to contact me by phone or by e-mail.

David Koh
Director, Executive Producer & Professor at Ajou University


July 18, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

Please allow this brief letter to serve as my personal recommendation for story artist Woody Woodman.  I have known Woody as a friend and co-worker for more than ten years. We’ve worked together on various animation projects at Aardman Animations in Bristol, UK, LAIKA in Portland, OR, Animation Lab in Jerusalem, Israel and Disney Feature Animation in Orlando, FL.

Woody’s talent as a story artist is remarkable but moreover his natural leadership qualities and work ethic are outstanding.  He is also one of the most prolific story artists I’ve worked alongside.  Please feel free to contact me by phone or at the email address below if additional information is required.


Barry Cook